10 tips to get the perfect outfit for your photo shoot

10 tips to get the perfect outfit for your photo shoot

Your BIG day is coming, you want the perfect photoshoot and you are in front of the closet with thousands of looks in your head but don’t know which could be the perfect one or, maybe, you’re simply lost and you have no idea what to wear. Don’t worry, we will show you some tips that will answer your questions and if not, it’s never too late to ask us! All the examples we show here are photos of our own clients who trust in us, so thanks to all of you guys!!

1. Be yourself

The look you wear for a photoshoot must reflects who you are and makes you feel comfortable. Wear clothes that fit you, you know your body better than anyone. Stylize your figure highlighting the parts you like about your body.

2. Makeup and hair?

If you wish the photos reflect who you are, the best is to use simple and soft tones makeup. About the hairstyle, try to avoid drastic changes before a session. Opt for the hairstyle you most wear.

3. Simplicity

Atemporal looks including softs colors, such as pastel or neutral colors, and white pieces, jeans or blue tones are perfect for any photo session and also, these are clothes that we all have in the closet. They are easy to combine so you can add a touch of color that will change the total look.

4. Patterns

There are some designs and patterns we should avoid when we’re going to a photoshoot. For perfect photos try not to wear: fluorescence colors, very thin stripes or impossible patterns which create a weird effect, exaggerated glitters, anything with logos, images, graphics, etc. those kind of patterns could be a distraction when you are the protagonist. However, that not means we can’t wear pattern at all. We got some examples from which you can be inspired.

Couple in Seville

5. Bright colors

Color your look wearing basics clothes in bright colors like yellow, blue, red…always remembering to coordinate with the colors of the place.

6. Dare with fun accessories

Accessories can play an important role in photography. Use fun accessories like a pair of suspenders, hats, colorful ribbons, the instrument you play or bring to the session something really important for you.

7. For family, couples, friends…

Try to coordinate colors without matching completely. Neutral, dark or even light colors are really useful and will give harmony to the photos.

Bachelorette in Plaza de España, Seville

8. Ask your photographer

Always you got questions or doubts just ask to your photographer, he or she will be happy to help you and will be the one who knows best which colors and clothes are the most suitable for the session.

9. Change it

Bring different options if you can’t decide and change the outfits for the different locations.

Couple in Seville

10. Wear your best smile

The most important thing for us is that you feel comfortable and confident. Be ready for fun and have a good time on the tour. We will be there to capture those exciting moments that are experienced when we are traveling to a new place.

Thanks for the photos to 📸 @Pixitour and all their models 💃🏼🕺🏼



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