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Best 8 things to do in Seville - Travel Guide

Seville is one of the oldest cities in Europe, making it super rich in history and culture! There is so much to see and do, but if you are traveling through you might feel as though you can’t experience it all. Here is a list of the 8 best things Seville has to offer, condensed into a do-able itinerary so you can see everything even if your time here is limited.

1. The Plaza de España

Built in 1929, the Plaza de España is a representation of regionalist architecture, an impressive mixture of bricks and ceramic tiles and decor. During the day time, the plaza fills with sunlight, the water sparkles and the vibrant tiles really light up. It is the perfect spot to take photos. It is much bigger in person than it seems, complete with a moat that you can float down on a little sailboat. The Plaza de España is perfect for a Sunday morning walk, or any day where you can relax and take a look around.

Couple in Seville

2. Royal Alcazar of Seville

The Royal Alcazar of Seville is an essential stop! If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, you may recognize the palace from the show as The Water Gardens of Dorne were entirely filmed there. The very well maintained gardens are so perfect and symmetrical that they seem to defy nature. Moorish architecture is extremely detailed and very impressive. With good weather, this is another great place to take pictures! There is a ton of history to learn about the Alcazar, so make sure you get a guide to help you out or do your own research beforehand. Couple photoshoot in Seville, the Royal Alcazar itinerary

3. La Catedral de Sevilla & La Giralda

This is an obvious one, but this article would not be complete without mentioning the Seville Cathedral! Its intricate religious architecture is one of a kind. The construction of the cathedral started in 1434, and you will be left wondering how they did it! La Giralda is right next door, and is definitely worth the climb to the top. Group photoshoot in Seville Cathedral
From there you can see the best aerial view of the city and all its tiny streets weaving through it. Tours are available here as well if you want to hear all about the intense history behind the structure and how it was built. Couple Photoshoot in Patio de Banderas, Seville

4. Triana

Known as the flamenco neighborhood, Triana has lots to explore! It has its own distinct culture and history, including complex stories and myths about things such as princesses and flamenco. Taking a tour of the town is a great way to learn all about it! Triana´s famous market is a must-see, even if you don’t need to buy any food, the colors and variety are unmatched. Additionally, Triana´s Calle Betis is famous for being super scenic, as well as being a great spot for bars and tapas. A market in Triana

5. La Alameda

La Alameda is a long, rectangular-shaped plaza that is surrounded by bars and restaurants. Due to its growth in popularity over time, The Alameda has attracted more and more people. It is known for its nightlife and bar scene, but it is also a great place to come during the day to just walk around. Alameda de Hercules in Seville

6. Las Setas

Las setas, meaning the fungi in English, is an irregular-shaped sculpture in the center of Seville. You can go to the top, which is worth doing for the view! There is also a bar at the top of the structure. Las setas is a work of modern art, impressive in size, that towers over the metropolitan area of Seville. Solo travel photoshoot in Las Setas - Metropol Parasol, Seville

7. La Carbonería

Spain, especially Seville, is known for its flamenco! At La Carbonería you can experience real flamenco in an urban location that has been around forever. Unlike most formal flamenco shows, you can enter La Carbonería to and see a show for free! You can also buy drinks and tapas once inside. The flamenco at La Carbonería is very special, and the performers may ask you not to film or record them. Flamenco perfomance at La Carboneria, Seville

8. Churrería Los Especiales

“Churros” are another staple of Seville, here they are made a little different so it’s definitely worth a try before leaving! “Los Especiales” serves this classic dessert in the center of the city, right next to the bridge to Triana. You can get really good churros here and stop into the Mercado Lonja del Barranco, located right next door, or walk down to the Guadalquivir river´s edge (best seen at sunset). This classic food combination goes well with any day! Churreria Los Especiales, Seville
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