Top 8 Instagrammable places in Seville

Top 8 Instagrammable places in Seville

Located in the heart of Andalucía, Seville is surrounded by beautiful architecture and quaint Spanish-style buildings. Wherever you look, you will be immersed into the vibrant Spanish culture. For those looking to capture extravagant photos that will take you right back to your time in Seville, we have created a list of tips and tricks for where to go to photograph the city. With numerous places in the city to explore and only limited time, here are the 8 best photography spots in Seville

1. Plaza de españa

This plaza is absolutely breathtaking. Whether looking at the entire landscape of the plaza from a distance or the intricate ceramic tile work up close, you are bound to get beautiful photos from just about any spot in the plaza. In order to avoid the crowds, we recommend going just shortly after sunrise as the lighting is magnificent and the plaza is fairly quiet.

Solo travel photoshoot in Plaza de España, SevilleSolo travel photoshoot in Plaza de España, Seville

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2. Seville Cathedral / La Giralda

Located directly in the city center, the Seville Cathedral is one of the largest in the world. The architecture outside is spectacular and even more impressive inside.

Group photoshoot in Seville CathedralGroup photoshoot in Seville Cathedral

The views from the top of the bell tower (La Giralda) are some of the best of the entire Seville skyline. On your way out of the Cathedral, as you pass through the Orangerie, make sure to take a photo of the bell tower from this angle!

3. Metropol Parasol (Las Setas)

Located slightly north of the city center, the Metropol Parasol is the largest wooden structure in the world!

Model: Henri Fitriadi [@thefinicalwanderer]( on the Roof of the Metropol Parasol in SevilleModel: Henri Fitriadi @thefinicalwanderer on the Roof of the Metropol Parasol in Seville

It provides incredible views of Seville’s skyline from every direction. We recommend going at sunset to get the most beautiful photos as the lighting is superb and the sky is full of color. This structure also has an interesting vantage point from the ground. Stand directly under the structure and capture incredible photos as well!

4. Alcázar Palace

Located right next to the Cathedral, the Real Alcázar is insanely beautiful.

The inside view of the Alcazar PalaceThe inside view of the Alcazar Palace

From the intricately carved archways to the baths of the palace, beautiful photos can be taken from nearly anywhere in the palace. If you are a Game of Thrones fan, it is a must-see! Be sure to book your tickets online to avoid the long line that will form and get there early to beat the crowds!

5. Alcázar Palace Gardens

These gardens are quite large and absolutely breathtaking. The beautifully manicured hedges and palm trees make this an ideal place for photography.

The wide view of the Alcazar Palace GardensThe wide view of the Alcazar Palace Gardens

Get lost in the garden’s labyrinth or simply in the beauty of your photos! Make sure to walk around the balconies of the palace for magnificent photos of the entire garden. If you’re lucky, you can see the Giralda through the palm trees as well!

6. Torre del Oro

In our opinion, the best place to photograph the “Golden Tower” is from Puente San Telmo (the bridge).

It is a beautiful angle compared to right next to the tower, as you can capture the beauty of the Guadalquivir River as well. We recommend photographing this tower around sunset when the sun is shining right on the tower. It is very beautiful! If you would like to learn more about our photoshoots and the different packages we offer, click here!

7. Corner of Avenida de la Constitución and Plaza de San Francisco

Located in the city center, this area of the city is very touristy but can make for some beautiful photos as well.

You will have to wake up soon to get a people-empty photo of the placeYou will have to wake up soon to get a people-empty photo of the place

The quintessential Spanish style buildings and streets will give your photos the vibrant color and flare you are looking for. Whether taken during the day or at night, this area is spectacular any time of day!

8. Palacio de las Dueñas

Like the architecture in the Real Alcázar, this palace is quite magnificent and offers many areas for photo opportunities.

The green gardens of Palacio de Las dueñas its a beautiful place to visit with your special personThe green gardens of Palacio de Las dueñas its a beautiful place to visit with your special person

Each patio is lined with intrinsic arches and beautiful plants, creating a variety of colors for an esthetically pleasing photo. Just like the Real Alcázar, Palacio de las Dueñas can get very busy, so we recommend going earlier in the day to beat the chaos and ensure you get the best photos!

Now it’s your turn to enjoy all those places and reach to be a top Instagram traveler!! Thank’s to you, dear reader and if you want to get photos like those just go to or contact @Pixitour on Instagram. ♥

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