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đź‘‹ Welcome to Pixitour Travel Blog

Hello fellow traveler and welcome to Pixitour’ Travel Blog.

Pixitour was born by mixing two of our passions: photography and travels. We believe that photography is the best way to create memories and what better memories than the ones that you create traveling?

Pixitour have been doing professional photo shoots to travelers for the last couple of years. It is time that we share with you the things we have learned along the way.

We want this space to be a haven for both travelers and photographers where you can find tips about photography, places to visit, what to wear to a photo shoot or any other interesting topic related to photography and travels.

For photographers

Even if you are just starting in the field of photography or if you are a professional photographer you will find useful and interesting information about it here from what lenses to use to how to make your model pose better in a photo shoot. We know the difficulties of being a photographer and we want to help you be a better one.

What can you expect to find here:

  1. Photography tips
  2. Photography inspiration
  3. A place to talk with other photographers

For Travelers

If you are not a photographer but have found this blog, worry not, you will find interesting content here curated just for you.

These years working in the travel photography industry have helped us understand and identify the problems and mistakes that travelers make and we want to help you.

We know that each person likes to travel in their own way; whether it be doing it alone, with friends, family or with your significant other. We at Pixitour have seen it all and we can give you valuable information of our experience.

Ever doubted what outfit to wear to a photo shooting? What are the best tips to look natural in a photo? Where to travel and what to do there? We got you covered! You will find here guides, recommendations and inspirations for enjoying traveling photography as much as us.

What can you expect to find here:

  1. Tips to improve your photo posing
  2. Photography inspiration for traveling
  3. Travel tips

Many more things!

We are excited about what this blog will bring to Pixitour and share with you all the stuff that we have prepared. Feel free to suggest topics, we want to read you!



The Pixitour team travels with you

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