Why Madrid should be your choice of destination for your next vacation?

Exploring a new destination can be adventurous as well as a lot of fun. So if you are about plan your next vacation we would suggest that you keep Madrid as a viable option within your list. Let be any destination, if it has to offer a wide range of activities that gets you connected with cultural heritage of the place you are visiting. Then that opportunity is worth taking that advantage of. Madrid is one such place that has everything that you could wish for, and you can explore all of it and much more only if you are willing to, trust a guiding companion such as Pixitour. Girl in Madrid

What does Pixitour offer you?

Pixitour, is a professional tours and guides service based in Madrid that offers you an opportunity to explore Madrid like never before. With our services on your side you can easily explore the hidden beauty of Madrid and all of that in a more intimate manner. Not only that, we also provide you with services which are different from the other tours services that promise you a fun and happening experience, but also we are one of its kind services available in these locations. What makes us unique? Not only do we provide you with a guide who can make your vacation much easier, but also makes sure that you get to have fun. What makes us unique is the fact that, we provide our customers a hands on experience of the rich cultural heritage of Spain that Madrid has to offer. We also provide you with an opportunity to learn about professional photography, which is a unique feature, availed to you only by Pixitour and Guides services. So if you want to have a vacation, which also allows you to learn something new join us in exploring the hidden secrets of Madrid. Guy walking in around Royal Palace

Why do we do it?

Our team at Pixitour makes sure that every customer is taken care of in a way that suits their desire. Only, so that they can make the most out of their vacationing experience. We carefully plan out your vacations for you and are also willing to take your considerations into account if it’s something particular that you want to explore while you are here in Madrid with us. So if you want to have a fun learning experience, while you are having a vacation, just get in touch with Pixitour. Family walking in Madrid



The Pixitour team travels with you

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