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Why work with Pixitour

Earn extra money taking portraits of fellow travelers at your favorite spots of the city

Here we have listed the 9 top reasons why, if you are a photographer, you should join us and help us create a worldwide community of fellow professionals and travelers!

1. Earning more money

Make some extra money on your spare time. If you make 3 session services of 1 hour per week on average you would earn over 10.000 extra euros per year.

2. Save time

Do not waste time editing, we process and send the final product to the client. You just focus on what you like, taking pictures.

3. Look good

Everyone wants to look good. Our platform will display the offers with the best looks and being a Pixitour photographer will give you a brand support behind you.

4. Lower risk

You don’t need to invest money to be able to start making your hobby or profession a bigger career.

5. Zero management

Pixitour does most of the management for them. We take care of building the activity profile, uploading the pictures, write the texts, give it promotion and even the post-production phase and client assistance.

6. Understanding the business

We are photographers ourselves, so we understand your pains and difficulties and we are here to help.

7. Convenience

If you have any doubt or suggestion you can contact us at info@pixitour.com and we will respond within a maximum of 48 hours depending on the urgency of the case.

8. Clarity

The collaboration is clear, you do part of the work, we do the other part, so we offer a fair and worthy economic compensation per hour of service.

9. Reliability

You receive the money within a secure payment system. The system guarantees that you get the money on time and safely.

…and more

You can build a reputation with us, you will have fun with the sessions and join a community of professionals passionate about what we love, photography—you’ll be glad you did found us =). info@pixitour.com

What our photographers say about us

“Collaborating with Pixitour is a breath of fresh air that helps me disconnect from my own work as a photographer, while still charging for taking photographs. Especially for the way I manage with clients, simple, practical and fast. That, together “with which I do not have to work the edition of the photographs allows me to concentrate on the mere pleasure of taking photographs. Inma is also super accessible and is always there to help me and answer questions, making the task much more enjoyable. ” Antonio, Pixitour Photographer in Madrid.

“I like working in pixitour because it allows me to meet people from other cultures while I live from my passion that photography is. It also values my work and it fills me to know that customers are happy for the souvenir photos of their trip and the team is a charm, always willing to help in whatever is necessary and make you feel one more. 😊 ” Moises, Pixitour Photographer in Seville.

“I am very comfortable working with Pixitour, now our life plans have changed and my partner and I are going to Goa for a few months. It was pulling me back to stop working here because as I say I am super comfortable, but I hope that in the future I can join me to do sessions in Goa or elsewhere in the world! ” Eleazar, Pixitour Photographer in Madrid.



The Pixitour team travels with you

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